Specific competences

Commercial & tax criminal law

The law firm has long-standing experience in commercial and tax criminal proceedings. Dr Jens Schmidt has been involved in a number of extensive and complex proceedings, such as the so-called Mannesmann process. In addition to the defence in commercial criminal proceedings, for example fraud, embezzlement, and insolvency offences, the law firm also performs advisory functions such as in criminal tax law when taking a voluntary disclosure into consideration. In these cases, we often rely on the support of highly specialised tax advisers to ensure optimal coordination.

Medical offences

In medical criminal law, the law firm is active in the defence of individually affected physicians as well as in advising hospitals. If physicians are faced with the accusation of a treatment error, we can also draw on many years of experience, as well as in the case of an accounting fraud allegation. When advising hospitals, the so-called “compliance consultation” is becoming increasingly significant, whereby the issue of corruption risks can be dealt with just as competently as other problems; the latter include working time regulations or the principle of personal service provision.

Revision law

Dr Jens Schmidt has worked in the field of Revision (appeal on points of law) for more than 20 years. He has undertaken several Revision main hearings at the German Federal Supreme Court or Higher Regional Courts and – owing to his regularly published “Rechtsprechungsübersicht” (Overview of case law) (cf. Publications) – has gained special expertise.

Extradition law & enforcement assistance

Extradition law is a highly complex subject matter that requires in-depth knowledge about numerous laws and international treaties. It is not only the number of proceedings that makes Dr Jens Schmidt a renowned expert in this area, but above all his publication, “Verteidigung von Ausländern – transnationale Verteidigung” (Defence of foreigners – transnational defence). The enforcement of foreign rulings on fines in Germany, for example as a result of overseas speeding offences, is gaining increasing importance here.

Criminal traffic law

Traffic criminal proceedings rarely lead to high fines or even imprisonment, but the consequences of the penalty often endanger people´s livelihoods, such as a driver´s licence withdrawal that puts the offender at risk of losing their job. If the procedure for restoring a driver´s licence is accompanied by a medical-psychological assessment (MPA) order, the hurdle further increases. Particularly in these cases, competent advice from the start of the investigation procedure is necessary, which is guaranteed by Schmidt Rechtsanwälte – in close cooperation with competent partners in the field of MPA advice.

Traffic offences

In the area of traffic offences, it primarily concerns developing strategies for avoiding a driving ban and the recording of points in the central traffic register. In addition, it is particularly necessary to provide a complete overview, which generally requires specialist assistance by an experienced criminal defence lawyer. Since accompanied driving is prohibited when there are two or more points on the driver´s licence, the long expungement periods may be detrimental for parents if their child is only 14.5 years old; a fact requiring foresight that parents often lack. Schmidt Rechtsanwälte is also a reliable partner here when it comes to ensuring an optimally coordinated defence.

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